OTDR evaluation software FiberTrace/FiberCable

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Reference number: VIA-EOFS100/200

OTDR analysis software for postprocessing data and generating reports for viewing, editing, analyzing and producing accurate and up-to-date documentation of field-collected test data on fiber optics.


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Important information for glass fiber installers of Deutsche Telekom

Deutsche Telekom has now granted its contractors the opportunity to use OTDRs from VIAVI in its latest issue of its ZFT-TKNetz 43 fiber-optic acceptance test specification.

This measurement protocol must be created with the FiberCable software (> V7.22) and the provided macros (can be obtained from Laser 2000 or an upgrade of an existing version can be loaded). In addition to the sor files, the BvT must be provided with the encrypted txt file generated by the FiberCable software.

The software variants Fibertrace Viewer and FiberTrace differ considerably in functionality. The viewer is only for viewing or for marginal changes to the curve information. FiberTrace is also packed with features that include event editing and advanced macro features. FiberCable is aimed at installers who want to process large cable projects automatically. This results in considerable time savings in the documentation. Contact us for a demo version of FiberCable Software!

  • Increase productivity by reducing the amount of time it takes to rework from hours to minutes.
  • In-depth analysis of OTDR curves with multi-curve management and automatic bidirectional analysis.
  • Increase batch efficiency / macro capabilities to automatically perform repetitive actions on multiple files.
  • Create professional reports with graphics and tables in a user-definable format.
  • View, edit, analyze and print the fiber test data.
  • Creation of test reports for glass fiber acceptance and fiber characterization.
Key features:
  • Complete software for post-processing of optical test results collected with JDSU T-BERD / MTS platforms. Compatible with IL, ORL, CD, PMD, AP, OSA, and I-PMD readings from VIAVI metrology and Bellcore .sor OTDR file formats .OTDR file format
  • Customizable Printables: Add your company logo, comments or project management details and select the format that best suits the end customer's needs.
  • Automatic measurements with event detection and good / bad evaluation.
  • Easy to perform alignment and analysis of bidirectional OTDR curves.
  • Single or combined reports.