PL-1000TE Multirate Transponder

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Reference number: PKL-PL-1000TE

Unfortunately, cyber attacks have become commonplace, so network operators of all kinds must consider all possibilities of cyber defense to protect their networks against hacker attacks. Layer 1 encryption enables the protection of physical fiber through intelligent transmission systems. The PL-1000TE Crypto offers certified integrated encryption / encryption.


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PKL-PL-1000TE Multirate Transponder

PL-1000TE is an advanced, all-in-one CWDM/DWDM optical transport product supporting up to 8 transponders with flexible mix of industry standard based protocols. It integrates a rich and cost effective feature set in a compact 1U chassis with low power consumption.

The PL-1000TE is designed for CWDM/DWDM solutions that require high throughput and low latency, data, storage, TDM and ATM connectivity. By combining a variety of multi-rate services, PL-1000TE allows maximum flexibility and scalability for fiber optic connectivity.

The availability of sub 10G, 10G and 16G flexible services mix in the same product, provides transparent migration capability from sub 10G to 10G services with zero downtime.PL-1000TE allows easy upgrade or expansion of the required services by simply adding the needed pluggable optic modules (SFPs/SFP+) in the available slots or by stackable solution. This architecture provides true scalability at the minimum possible cost.

Feature Overview:

  • Multirate and Multi-Protocol 8 transponder configurable from 100Mbps up to 16Gbps
  • Supports the following service types:
  • Data: 100/1000Base-T/GbE/10G Eth
  • Storage: 1G/2G/4G/8G/16G FC
  • SONET/SDH: OC3/STM1, OC12/STM4,OC48/STM16, OC192/STM64, CPRI - 614M to 9.8G rates
  • Low latency connectivity
  • Remote management and topology discovery for the optical network
  • Pluggable SFP/SFP+ interfaces for both service and WDM channels
  • Supports Full C-Band Tunable DWDM Line sides (SFP+)
  • Optional integrated EDFAs , Mux/Demux and/or Optical Switch modules
  • Support for 1+1 facility protection
  • Bidirectional performance monitoring for all services
  • Supports single and dual fiber connections
  • Dual AC or DC pluggable Power Supply and pluggable FAN Unit


  • High capacity low latency, data center connectivity
  • Efficient connectivity for campus, ISP and enterprise networks
  • Enables delivery of high bandwidth managed services over dark fiber
  • Upgrade of existing WDM networks to support 10GEth and 16G FC services
  • High throughput Metro Ethernet connectivity
  • Solving bottlenecks in fiber exhausted optical networks