Picosecond LEDs, pulsed UV LEDs

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Reference number: EDI-EPLED-Serie

The picosecond LEDs of the EPLED series deliver pulse durations of 800 ps in the UV.


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The EPLED-UV series lasers have been designed for ease of use and minimal set-up time for the end user. These diodes do not require a separate driver as the drive electronics; user controls and status indicators are integrated into the LED head. The unit simply requires a 15V mains adapter that is delivered with every EPLED.

The EPLEDs have basic filters fitted to minimise optical radiation outside the UV-region. Band pass interference filters (typically 10nm bandwidth) can be fitted on request. These filters provide a greater suppression of out of band radiation and greatly reduce after-pulse tails on the temporal output. The EPLEDs have a 30mm outer diameter collimator system that is directly accepted by the input apertures of the LifeSpec-II and the mini-tau, as well as the standard coupling flanges for OB920 and FLS920 spectrometers.

The picosecond pulsed light emitting diodes (EPLEDs) range of wavelengths is

  • 250 nm
  • 255 nm
  • 260 nm
  • 265 nm
  • 270 nm
  • 280 nm
  • 290 nm
  • 295 nm
  • 300 nm
  • 310 nm
  • 320nm
  • 330 nm
  • 340 nm
  • 360 nm