Deep ultraviolet diode laser module

Deep ultraviolet diode laser module - UVC Photonics
  • Deep ultraviolet diode laser module - UVC Photonics

Reference number: UVC-Model-261

Compact UV diode laser module with 10 mW CW optical power at 261 nm.


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The deep ultraviolet diode laser modules deliver 10 mW CW power at a wavelength of 261 nm. Due to the compact design, wide operating temperature range and low divergence, the lasers are easy to handle and integrate.
Especially for UV Raman spectroscopy, disinfection, UV-C fluorescence excitation and semiconductor inspection, this laser module is ideally suited.


Optical Power > 10 mW
Wavelength 261.4 nm
Linewidth < 100 pm
Beam dimensions  V: 0,2 mm, H: 0,6 mm 
V: ~1,1, H: ~6,5
Normalized astigmatism ~1,5
Operating Current < 1,1 A
Operating Voltage < 4,5 V
Case Temperature 25°C +/- 10°C
Temperature Sensor 10k Thermistor