Blue high power diode laser with 200 W for material processing

Femtosecond laser system s-pulse
  • Femtosecond laser system s-pulse
  • Femtosecond laser system s-pulse

Reference number: NUB-AO200

A revolution in material processing: the spatter-free blue diode Laser. Especially for Non-ferrous metals (copper laser welding, gold laser welding).


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High Power Blue Laser AO-200

The 450 nm laser AO-200 is a water cooled diode laser with 200 W output power. The diodes are coupled into a 200µm fiber with a QBH termination. The laser operates in cw mode and can also be modulated with up to 50 kHz. It is particularly suitable for copper welding with lasers, for example in battery production.

Properties of the blue AO-200 laser

The new generation of blue laser diodes was developed for micro and macro material processing of copper and its alloys as well as for nobel metals. Several high reflective metals have a limited absorbtion in the IR and the green wavelength. In this spectral width the blue wavelength has significant advantages. In a microscopic and macroscopic inspection of the welding spot the homogeneous liquid phase of the weld pool shows a more wax-like behaviour than the common well known one of metals.


For all welding types a spatter-
free process is characterizing. This is not only important for the typical welding but also for the additive welding
and drilling 
with a power of 200 W and more.

Optical Specifications - AO 200


Wavelength (in nm)


Bandwidth (in nm)


Power Output (in W)


Power Adjustability (in %)

0 - 100

Power stability at full power (in %)

< 3

Core diameter (in µm)


Numerical Aperture (in NA)


Beam Parameter Product BPP (in mm * mrad)

< 15

Standard fiber length (in m)




Advantages of High Power Blue Lasers (compared to IR lasers)

The application-oriented platform of blue high-power lasers will be changing the metal welding of non-ferrous metals, as well as the additive 
manufacturing production decisively.

  •     Significantly higher absorption: the energy transfer of blue lasers is 2 to 20 times higher as for most materials
  •     Increased throughput: blue lasers deliver 3 to 10 times faster material processing speeds
  •     Higher precision, resolution and manufacturing quality due to wavelength-dependent, improved focusability
  •     Better manufacturing quality due to spatter-free performance in material welding

Applications for the blue laser AO-200


The advantages of the blue wavelength are especially the spatter-free welding of copper and dissimilar metals (Cu, SS, Al, Ni).

  •     micro material processing
  •     welding batterieles (i.e. foils, tabs,..)
  •     welding of electric/electronic components
  •     additive manufacturing and surface structuring

More information in the Nuburu White Paper.