Osela Compact Laser - The compact premium laser for machine vision applications

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Reference number: L2S-CL-Laser

Superior beam quality due to Powell lens technology. This modular system in compact dimensions will also meet your individual requirements.


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Miniature Line Laser from Osela - The premium laser for machine vision applications

The Osela Compact Laser (CL) for challenging industrial applications and OEM solutions. High-performance, high reliability laser system with excellent position stability and state of the art beam shaping properties.


  • Compact design (10 mm diameter)
  • Superior beam shaping (Powell lens technology)
  • Various wavelengths
  • Individual optical options
  • Externally focussable
  • High Pointing and focus stability
  • Laser classes 1 – 3B
  • Protected against: ESD, reverse polarity, over temperature and overvoltage
  • Up to 2 years warranty


  • 3D Machine Vision
  • Industrial Inspection
  • Bio-Medical
  • Positioning


Example: CL-450-100-RTV-A-45-5V-SF2M-PF50

CL Compact Laser
450 Wavelength: typ. 450 nm
100 Max. diode power: 00 mW

Digital modulation (Reverse TTL): off 0 - 0,5 V | on 0,7 - 5 V;

Option V for linear variation in output power

A Focus option: A (standard for thin lines)
45 Fan angle: 45°
5V Power supply: 5 VDC
SF2M Output power reduced to laser class: 2M
PF50 Prefocussed to distance: 50 mm

Other available Options:

  • Multi lines and multi points
  • Microcontroller
  • COS4 correction (or other profiles)
  • Micron focus