Option: Cosine Correction

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Reference number: L2S-COS-Option

Avoid too much reflected light in the middle of your sensor by using the cosine correction. The correction levels can be individually adjusted according your needs.


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Cosine correction for line lasers

In the case of large opening angles of line laser systems or camera lenses, this correction / compensation within the laser optics leads to an increase in the power level and to a homogeneous display on the sensor chip of the camera used.
In addition to the optimized straightness of the line geometry, this special option is one of the most important improvements that can be made in image processing.

Cosine correction for line laser features

  • Homogeneous power distribution on the camera chip
  • Overexposure in the center is reduced
  • Individual for lens and laser optics
  • Increase the overall level of performance
  • Good price-performance ratio


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