Option: Microcontroller

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Reference number: L2S-MC-Option

Monitor and control your single laser or even up to 32 at the same time with the microcontroller option.


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Microcontroller option - monitoring and control via RS232 / RS485

The option enables the monitoring and report-based control of key parameters. Also it allows the user to individually set the operating conditions of the laser.
Standard real-time condition monitoring is an excellent tool for analyzing laser aging as well as reducing downtime in production through preventive maintenance.


  • Real-time condition monitoring and lifespan prediction
  • Laser diode current, temperature and power monitoring
  • Power setting from 10% to 100% of the nominal power
  • Setting the modulation logic and the gradient
  • Temperature cut-out setting
  • RS-485 communication mode for controlling up to 32 lasers in master / slave configuration or RS-232 for peer-to-peer connection


The RS-232 is a peer-to-peer communication standard that does not require a network address. The RS-485 communication has the advantage that the interface corresponds with up to 32 lasers on the same communication bus. Each laser can be accessed individually, specific groups of lasers or all lasers. Each laser uses its 6-digit serial number as the communication address. RS-485 enables control of all connected lasers with simultaneous feedback.
The service life estimate is generated by calculating the previous operating time, the output power and the temperature of the laser diodes during operation.