InGaAs SWIR Camera Wildcat 640

Wildcat 640 InGaAs SWIR Camera
  • Wildcat 640 InGaAs SWIR Camera
  • Wildcat 640 InGaAs SWIR Camera
  • Wildcat 640 InGaAs SWIR Camera

Reference number: XEN-Wildcat-640

The Xenics Wildcat 640 camera series combines a wide dynamic range, low noise and low dark current InGaAs sensor in a high performance camera.


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The Wildcat 640 camera series offers compact and powerful InGaAs cameras with low noise and high dynamic range. The cameras are available with either CameraLink or USB3 Vision interface.

The temperature-stabilized (coolable and heatable) InGaAs detector with a resolution of 640 x 512 pixels enables consistent image quality under changing environmental conditions.

With two gain modes (high-gain and HDR), the Wildcat 640 is capable of meeting all exposure requirements.

Depending on the model, the Wildcat series cameras enable frame rates of up to 220 Hz and offer an excellent basis for integrators due to their light weight, compact design and low power consumption of less than 6 watts.

Included with the Wildcat 640 - cameras is Xeneth software for camera control, image capture and playback, and data analysis. SDKs are also available.

Advantages and features

- Frame rate up to 220 Hz
- High dynamic range
- Low noise and dark current
- CameraLink or USB3 Vision interface options

Application fields:

- semiconductor inspection
- industrial image processing
- security and surveillance
- research and development
- process monitoring
- moisture detection