FiberChek Sidewinder™

FiberChek Sidewinder™
  • FiberChek Sidewinder™
  • FiberChek Sidewinder™
  • FiberChek Sidewinder™
  • FiberChek Sidewinder™

Reference number: VIA-FIT-FCSW

FiberChek Sidewinder, a handheld inspection and analysis tool for multifiber connectors


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FiberCheck Sidewinder™

The portable MPO inspection microscope with integrated touch screen offers the possibility to view live images, to swivel to the face of each fiber and to display the analysis results quickly and easily. You can define your custom pass / fail test criteria or perform the IEC-61300-3-35 analysis. The test results are stored directly on the FiberCheck Sidewinder.


  • Fully automated inspection process of multi-fiber connectors (MPO)
  • Customized face analysis
  • Accurate and fast analysis with automatic result after less than 12 seconds
  • Easy access to MPO / MTP connectors at the job site
  • Connection to the smartphone / tablet / PC / meter via WiFi or USB


  • Integrated touch screen
  • Live pictures of the fiber
  • Auto centering / Auto Focus
  • Auto-pan / scroll
  • Built-in face analysis
  • Acoustic pass / fail signal
  • Selectable / definable test criteria (IEC 61300-3-35 preinstalled)
  • WiFi and USB ports for data export