Test set for POF (Polymeric Optical Fiber) and LDF (Large Diameter Fiber)

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Reference number: RIF-20330K/ST

Test kit for measuring optical power and / or attenuation of polymeric plastic fibers (POF) and large diameter fibers (LDF) at a wavelength of 650 nm. The kit consists of a transmitter and receiver as well as optional SOC adapters.


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Complete package for measuring optical power or damping on POF and LDF consisting of:

  • Level transmitter model 573XL (630-670 nm / peak 650 nm)
  • Level meter model 567XL (calibrated at 650 nm)
  • Carrying case suitable for all devices
  • SOC adapters for all standard connector systems are available as options

Specifications: Optical transmitter 573XL

  • Central wavelength: 650nm
  • Spectral width: <40nm
  • optical connection: SOC adapter

Optical receiver 567XL-special

  • Wavelengths: 650 (660) / 780 / 850nm
  • Si detector: 3 x 3.5mm
  • Measuring range: + 3dBm to -60dBm
  • optical connection: SOC adapter