Seikoh Giken OFL15 polishing maschine

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Reference number: SEI-OFL15

The reliable and robust precision polishing machine OFL15 from Seikoh Giken enables the polishing of fiber optic plugs (up to 24 pieces in one go) and fiber arrays with touch panel operation.


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Compact, professional polishers for mobile or small batch production from Seikoh Giken

The small polishing machines SFP-70D2 is light, reliable and stable. Their robustness guarantees a long service life for applications in the field and laboratory.

With the available plug holders, 2 plugs can be polished at the same time.
Holders for all common types of plugs are available. For applications where the ferrules need to be polished before assembling the connectors, ferrule holders without connector housings are available.

The patented SFP-70D2 devices polish Super Straight Cut (HPC) plugs and 8 ° bevel polished (APC) plugs. APC connectors typically have a back reflection of> / = - 70 dB.

With so-called HPC plugs, back reflection of -60 dB can be achieved by using special foils. The SFP-70D2 Polishing Machine can be powered by a 12V battery or the included AC adapter. An optionally available connection cable allows connection to the 12 V supply of a vehicle.