Programmable Optical Delay Generator

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Reference number: GPC-ODG-101

Generating programmable time delay from nanoseconds to milliseconds is important for various applications ranging from data center testing to wireless communications to radar, optical communications, and measurement systems.


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Programmable Optical Delay Generator - TimeRITE™

General Photonics’ TimeRITE™ programmable optical delay generator is the first such product on the market. With a total delay range up to 2 ms (600 km) and a delay resolution up to 12 bits, this easy-to-use instrument features low insertion loss (~0.6 dB per bit), low delay dependent loss (DDL<0.2 dB), low polarization dependent loss, and fast delay changing speed (<10 ms).

Features TimeRITE:

  • Data rate & data format independent
  • Compact size & high resolution
  • Large delay range
  • Low insertion loss
  • Fast delay switching speed
  • Low delay dependent loss

Applications TmeRITE:

  • Data center time delay & jitter impact testing
  • Cloud computing delay & jitter impact testing
  • Wireless base station delay test & calibration
  • Radar range calibration
  • RF link emulation
  • Laser linewidth & phase noise measurement