01/27/2022 | Partner Spark Lasers Presents 3 new Products

Spark Lasers new Products

With the addition of two new wavelengths, 520 nm and 780 nm, Spark Lasers is expanding its ALCOR series (already available 920 nm und 1030-1064 nm), particularly the capabilities for application areas such as ophthalmics, nanofabrication and 2-photon microscopy.

3-photon microscopy now benefits from the new DIADEM 1300, a femtosecond laser emitting at 1300 nm, that offers microjoule energy in a compact and robust design.

 Alcor 520 Alcor 780  Diadem 1300
Product ALCOR 520 ALCOR 780 DIADEM 1300
Application Ophtalmology, Nanofabrication 2-photon microscopy 3-photon microscopy

-  Femtosecond pulses in the green
-  Up to 2 W of average power in a compact             and robust format

-  Femtosecond pulses at 780 nm
-  High power with 800 mW
-  Compact size

-  Femtosecond pulses at 780 nm
-  High energy with 1 µJ up to 2 MHz
-  Easy to install and use, compact size

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