01/11/2022 | Multispectral LED Lighting by Laser 2000 and Genesi Elettronica

Multispektrale LED-Beleuchtung

In many application areas, our customers have so far seen a need in an individual light source that goes beyond the visible range and can also be controlled quite conveniently.

To meet this need, we have developed the ideal solution in a joint project with our partner Genesi Elettronica: multispectral LED lighting. The separately controllable channels allow the generation of an individual spectrum, thus the effects of individual wavelength ranges can be tested. In combination with the appropriate camera, which we of course also offer, new imaging possibilities are opened up.

We were already able to present the system to a wide audience at VISION 2021. For all those we were not able to welcome at our booth, a video is available. We use practical examples to explain both the mode of operation and the advantages of multispectral LED illumination.

Watch the video