FO cleaning kit

Reinigungsset für Spleißgeräte
  • Reinigungsset für Spleißgeräte

Reference number: LWL-FO-CLEANING-CASE

Cleaning set for cameras, mirrors and splicers.


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Fiber Optics Team


Cleaning kit for gentle cleaning of mirrors, cameras and V-grooves in splicer

In order to splice fibers together easily, the splicer should be as clean as possible. Critical posts Here are the "eyes" of the splicer - mirrors and cameras - and of course the V-grooves, in which the fibers are inserted. Especially with the so-called V-groove splicers this is essential!

Each speck of dust in the V-groove results in either a fiber misalignment (V-groove splicer, e.g. S123C) or at an angle between the fibers and one Weakening the fiber at this point.


  • lint-free cleaning towels (soft)
  • special cleaning fluid for optics
  • Cleaning sticks, pointed
  • Cleaning sticks with foam
  • electrode cleaner
  • Magnifying glass set (Enlargement 2x, 3x, 5x, 7x, 10x)

The cleaning materials can be reordered individually

Applicable for the following FITEL splicing devices:
1. Highly recommended:

FUR-S123C V-Groove splicer for single Fiber
FUR-S123M4 Ribbon splicer 1-4 Fibers
FUR-S123M8 Ribbon splicer 1-8 Fibers
FUR-S123M12 Ribbon splicer 1-12 Fibers

2. Recommended for:

FUR-S153A 3-Axes splicer, coat adjusting
FUR-S178A 3-Axes splicer, core adjusting
FUR-S183PMII PM-Laboratory splicer up to 500µm Fibers
FUR-S184PM PM-Laboratory splicer up to 1,2mm Fibers