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Reference number: RIF-Steckerreinigung

Combined wet and dry cleaning solution for fiber optic connectors


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Combination Cleaning Process (CCp) -
Combination wet / dry cleaning

CCp is a unique cleaning technology developed by ITW Chemtronics for cleaning fiber optic connectors.

With conventional plug cleaning, you can achieve cleanliness in zones 1-3 (according to IEC / IEEE).
With the CCp you also reach the outer area (zone 4)
up to the vertical ferrule (zone 5). This prevents renewed contamination from the edge zones.

The CCp is easy to perform:

  • Place a sheet of QbE on the 'Fibersafe' cleaning surface
  • Apply a small amount of Electro-Wash PX to the cleaning sheet
  • Hold the face at a 90 ° angle
  • With light pressure, draw 3 times from the moist into the dry part of the cleaning blade
  • Check the workmanship with a microscope and repeat if necessary.

Ordering Information:

Art.Nr. Description
RIF-Cleaning-QbE Cleaning cubes with Fibersafe cleaning surface
RIF-Cleaning-MX-Pen Electro-Wash MX Pen
RIF-Cleaning-Pen-QbE QbE + MX Pen
RIF-Cleaning-Pen-Square Cleaning block+ Fiber Wash Pen
RIF-Cleaning-CCK-3 Cleaning block + MX pen + 2.5mm cleaning sticks

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