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Reference number: 041-Modulare LWL Workshops

Invest in the training of your employees. After a thorough analysis of the level of knowledge, the right workshop module is tailored for your needs.


Fiber optic workshop: Everything you need to know about splicing equipment and fiber optic measuring equipment.

The fast and effective use of high-quality splicing and measurement technology is crucial to securing the competitive edge in projects. Have you therefore ever asked yourself:

  • Do my employees and I feel confident using a splicer or the fiber optic measuring devices?
  • Am I wasting valuable time troubleshooting and not completing projects professionally and on time because I am not familiar with every aspect of my tool?
  • Do I sometimes find that I need the assistance of a professional to get the job done quickly and reliably?

This is exactly where we come in!

Our modular workshops and training courses are designed to bring your handling of splicing equipment and high-quality fiber optic measuring equipment to a new, stable level for you and your employees, so that you will no longer ask yourself these questions.

  • Learn tips and tricks from specialists who have many years of experience in this topic.
  • We train according to a loosely designed but focused agenda
  • Participants are allowed to shape the agenda individually
  • You will neither be under- nor over-challenged
  • Our trainings are interactive and not stubbornly following a monotonous scheme
  • Benefit from over 30 years of Laser 2000 experience and highly qualified instructors

Our modules are structured in such a way that they can be booked individually or together:

Module 1: Fiber Optic Measurement Technology and Basics

  • The physical basics of optics
  • Different cable and fiber types
  • Different mating faces and their applications
  • Normative specifications and currently valid standards
  • Which fiber optic measurement device for which requirement and application?
  • Open discussion

Module 2: Fiber Optic Measurement Workshop

  • Preparation and basic setting of the measuring devices and accessories with regard to the project requirements and the required norms and standards
  • Inspection and cleaning according to current industry standards
  • OLTS attenuation and OTDR measurements on sample links
  • Interpretation of OTDR measurements with regard to classic events
  • Tips and tricks for interpretation of OTDR measurement curves
  • Documentation of all measurement results using manufacturer software
  • Open discussion

Module 3: Fiber optic splicing technology

  • Functionality of a splicing device
  • Preparation of cables and distribution equipment
  • Splicing of prepared fiber optic test sections
  • Inspection and cleaning
  • OTDR and attenuation measurements of the fiber optic links
  • Documentation of the measurement results
  • Open discussion

Our workshops include full-day catering as snacks, training materials in electronic form and a certificate of attendance.
You shortly will find the new 2021 dates for face-to-face workshops here.

We also offer these workshops as in-house training at your business premises. Simply get in touch with us!

Your Workshop-Instructors

Alexander Holzer

Alexander Holzer
He has been active as a training consultant for passive measurement technology since 1998. For seven years, Alexander Holzer was an independent expert for the acceptance of installed passive copper and fiber optic cabling infrastructures in numerous, well-known projects. You will also benefit from his experience from the working group of the DKE GAK 715.3 standards committee in your workshop.

Julian Sassmann

Julian Sassmann
As an information and telecommunications systems electronics technician, trainer and head of the service department in the FiberOptics & Networks division at Laser 2000, he has hands-on access to your concerns. Thanks to his sales activities in the field of splicing, measurement and installation technology, Julian Sassmann also knows the challenges of your everyday professional life and how he can help you master them.

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